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1 December
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  • knit_girl@livejournal.com
erin is a knIT GIRL. she is a 21-yr old college student at SUNY brockport where she majors in studio art with a concentration in printmaking. unfortunatley, school is becoming that thing she has to go to which interferes with her knitting. she learned to knit when she was 11 from her mom, who passed along an incredible desire to start projects and never finish them. she learned to knit in the round at an early age and has only recently begun to knit things which are not tubes. she does not have the money to be a yarn snob as her college student/ part-time waitress lifestyle does not afford such luxuries of only the finest. she cannot get enough of all things knitting nor can she make a trip to walmart without buying some sort of knitty accountrement. it's getting ridiculous. she lives in a cute little apartment full of yarn with a boy who thinks knitting is sexy. [he's totally right.]